Guide Activity day - 23rd of July

Guide Activity Day - 23rd of July

Join Guides from across the county for a day of adventure! On the 23rd of July we will be running a Guide activity day which will include Kayaking, Bellboating, Firelighting and Pioneering. Each Guide will get to do a session of each and all sessions will be suitable for complete beginners.

Where: St Ives sea scout HQ, Church Street, St Ives (What Three words ///Cools.Deranged.Apply)

When: 23rd of July, 845, for a 9am start. Collection at 4.45pm

Cost: £20 per Guide

Who: Guides can attend without their leaders to this event. 

All equipment including buoyancy ands and helmets where appropriate will be provided. Any safety equipment provided must be worn.

All those taking part will need:

  • soft soled shoes that stay on in the water for the water activities.
  • a complete change of clothes
  • a waterproof top to wear on the water whatever the weather.  - this can be an old one as it's worn to keep the wind off.
  • a second aterproof may be needed if it in raining on the day.
  • Lunch and snacks
  • hair will need to be tied back for the day

As with any open water activites there is a risk of waterbourne diseases, all participants should cover any cuts and shower when they arrive home.