Information that could be useful for Commissioners

We have a new group set up especially for commissioners in Cambs West. You can use this to ask questions of us, and have discussions with each other. We will also be using it as an additional communication channel to pass information out to you all.

The link you will need to join is: 

If you do not use facebook please do not worry, this is just an additional information channel and will be used to supplement what we have already in place

New starter document header

New starters document.

Here you will find a new PDF document for sending to any new starters. This will hopefully assist new members of Girlguiding Cambs West to know where to find information and where to direct questions if required. Please where possible send this document digitally via email as many links are clickable, but printing the document is also an option. 

                                                                                                           The file for adult volunteers is here

Induction checklist

This document is great for new colunteers whatever role they are taking on. Give this to the volunteer and they can go through and check off every item as they progress through their volunteering journey with Girlguiding Cambs West.

You can find the file here