Flat Cambs West Tour

Introducing the latest members of #TeamGGCW!

Below you will find Olave, Agnes, Elizabeth and Emmeline. This flat Rainbow, Brownie, Guide and Ranger will be travelling across the county to visit all of your wonderful units. They would like to take part in any activities you get up to and especially want to come to special events with your unit.

The flat Rainbow/Brownie/Guide/Ranger will arrive in the post, with a small letter about where they have been before your unit enclose and then you can take pictures with your unit (usual photo permissions apply) and email the to [email protected]. Rudy will then give you the address to send the Flat TeamGGCW to her next destination for you to pop in the post. All you have to do is pop her in an envelope with a stamp and a little letter about what she got up to when visiting your unit. You can keep the letter from the pervious unit, no need to send that on, but please do write on the back of her where she has been before visiting you!

To sign up for a visit from the Flat Cambs West member for your section, please fill out the form below.