When and Where

Date: Saturday 11th June 2022

Location: Yaxley Guide and Scout Centre (What Three Words ///gives.scariest.fastening)

Time: 11.00am – 4.00pm





Risk assesments and information

Further information document

Entire event Risk assesment

Science centre Risk Assesment

Forest school Risk assesment

Event FAQ's

The activities on offer include Corgi Treasure Hunt, Commonwealth bunting factory,
Jubilee selfie booth, The Craft Loft with activities inspired by Countries of the
Commonwealth, Sarah’s Dance Studio, Inflatable Fun, Smores and more Fire Pit, Trees
for the future, Forest School woodland activities, Exciting Science from the Cambridge
Science Centre, Juggling School.

Bookings can be made using the County Shop. The cost per person includes the
activities, an event badge, a Platinum Jubilee Cake and a party small bag.
Any allergies and/or dietary preference will need to be recorded on booking.
All participants will need to bring a drinks bottle and packed lunch.
Uniform is to be worn along with other clothing suitable for the weather on the day.

While it is anticipated that most activities will have a designated leader there may be
some times where the unit leader will be required to supervise/facilitate her unit in an

Parking at the Guide and Scout Centre will only be available for the organisers or those
who have disability or mobility issues (please advise prior to the event).
Local parking is limited to kerbside. Please where possible encourage parents to car
share to cut congestion in the area.

Units will be allocated an arrival time staggered over a 30 minute period hoping to
alleviate traffic congestion.
On arrival leaders will receive their girls from parents and then register their unit with
the Event Team and provide a copy of their home contact list.
The home contact must be a member of Girlguiding UK not at the event and not related
to any of the participants. Units will be responsible for contacting parents/home contact
in the event that one girl falls ill. In the event of a large scale incident the home contact
may be contacted by a member of the event team.

Units will be allocated to a group and given a timetable for activities. The size of the
group will be dependant on the number of participants, this is anticipated to be
between 30-70 girls plus leaders.
The leader will receive a Corgi Treasure Hunt card and Commonwealth flags for
colouring. The treasure hunt is designed to occupy the time delay at the start and end of
the event due to staggered arrival times
The size of the groups will be dependant on the number of participants.

Plan for Day
10.30 Staggered Registration and Corgi treasure hunt when ready
11am Welcome
11.15 Zone 1
12.15 Picnic Lunch + games
1.00 Zone 2
2.00 Zone 3
3.00 Celebration Cake + closing ceremony
4.00 Staggered Departure and Corgi treasure Hunt
4.30 Event ends

Units will be allocated an arrival and departure time staggered over a 30 minute period hoping to alleviate traffic congestion. 

Each group will be divided in two. There will be 2 sets of activities in each zone lasting
30 minutes. It may not be possible to complete all the activities on offer in each zone.
Towards the end of the session there will be a 5 minute bell repeated 5 minutes later to
end the session. At this point units are required to move on to their next zone.

Refreshment and toilet breaks should be taken as required to minimise queues.

Lunch is between 12.15 and 1.15 and will comprise of a picnic brought by the
participants. Units will need to provide their own picnic blanket. Some outdoor seating
is available.
Drink stations providing refills of water and squash for drinks bottles will be available in
the kitchen and outside the building. Hot water and supplies will be available for
Leaders to make tea and coffee.
There will be a designated first aid post and event first responder. Leaders will be
responsible for minor injuries so will need a small first aid kit. Children who lose their
unit will also be located here.