Kings Coronation event pack

We are very excited to annouce our Kings Coronation event pack for you to use with your units, districts, divisions etc. We thought these activities would help our members have a memorable Coronation celebration. You can do as many or as few of these activities as you see fit, and you can grab your special badge on pre-order here.

We thought these activities helped our members learn all about King Charles and the upcoming Coronation event, as well as helps create some great memories for the future. Click on the item if you need more information.

Make a card

Make a card each, or a big one for the unit to sign and pop it in the post to King Charles.

Help your community

Kings Charles has asked we all give some time to our communites with the Big Help out, on his special weekend, so why not help a neighbour or a local litter pick and this helps the environment too!

plant something

Why not make some seed bombs and spread some cheer in your community, help with the community gardens or plant a tree to remember the Coronation with.

Example image

There are some great print and decorate options on this link, maybe you can make a bubble septor and a colourful crown


Make your very own Coronation chair

Raid the recycling for this one and see if you can make a coronation chair stong enough for you to sit on, or make a smaller version and see who can make the best!


This link has some games you can use to enact the Coronation. Or the palace have a script you can use to put on a play. 


Would you like to invite your family? Or a neighbour? or perhaps a local councillor. Invite the community to your special party.


Use our bunting templates to create your own bunting, create table decorations and hoist the flags! Maybe you could do some flower arranging to decorate your table, or maybe decorate with some tealight holders anything to make it extra special.


Make or try one of the special dishes that have been created for the coronation. Maybe you could invent your own? Or how about a traditional afternoon tea, cake is always a good idea!


Make a keepsake for you or your unit to remember the coronation by. Maybe you could decorate a mug, or create a quilt, or maybe keep a scrapbook or all the adventure you have.


Every good party needs a playlist and the team at the Palace have created a playlist for this special occasion, what would you add to your Coronation party playlist? 

Learn Welsh

The King's previous role was the Price of Wales and as part of this role he went to university in Wales and learnt the welsh language. Can you learn the promise in Welsh?