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  1. There are a range of interesting new webinars from Girlguiding HQ set for the next few weekends. These are based are how to make the program fit online meetings, and to assist you with the challenges you face. Below are the links to the zoom meetings. For security we have not included the passwords on the website but these will be included in the newletter released, and on our closed facebook group.


    Rainbows - Beyond scavenger hunts

    When: Jun 13, 2020 10am

    Webinar link: Here Password: See newsletter


    Brownies - Beyond scavenger hunts

    When: June 13th 12pm

    Webinar link: Here Password: See newsletter


    Guides - Beyond scavenger hunts

    When: June 20th, 10am

    Webinar link: Here Password: See newsletter


    Rangers - Beyond scavenger hunts

    When: Jun 20th, 12pm

    Webinar link: Here Password: See newsletter


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    29 May 2020


    To all Unit Leaders in Girlguiding Cambridgeshire West



    We are very aware that during the current lockdown many of you will be concerned about your Unit’s finances and, in particular, what might happen to Membership subscriptions in 2021.


    Your concerns are shared at all levels in Girlguiding. We already know that HQ are taking considerable losses due to the shutdown and there are similar problems at Region and County levels.  All areas are examining their finances in great detail and assessing where money can be saved.  For example, many of HQ staff are on furlough to take advantage of the Government Job Retention Scheme.


    Whilst we have no definitive advice yet from HQ we thought it important to consider how we might all try to mitigate the loss of income at this time. Please review your finances now for the rest of this year and determine what you have and what bills you are going to receive eg rent.  It is essential that you apply for any Gift Aid and keep your eyes open for local grants that you can apply for.  There are donors out there wanting to help if you can find them. You should also consider whether you need to write to your parents explaining the current situation using the templates produced by HQ.  On the HQ website search for ‘unit subs during coronovirus’.  If after doing all you can you remain concerned about finances please contact your District Commissioner.


    We at County level will be devising an application process for financial support that leaders will be able to use in exceptional circumstances.  It will require unit leaders to evidence that they have done all they can.  It will need to go through your District and then Division Commissioners who again need to demonstrate why they are unable to help before it comes to County.  Over the next few weeks we will be trying to identify some funds that can be put aside for this but please understand we do not have unlimited funds and may well have to prioritise any claims.



    Carol Dalton & Cathie Catterall

    Joint County Commissioners