Inside out 2 Cinema screening

Event information

Date: 23rd June, Showing times depend screen and Cinema. Huntingdon and St.Neots films will start at 10am. Showcase start at 930 and 1000.

Locations: Showcase cinema, Cineworld Huntingdon and St.Neots.

Cost: Showcase - £8 per head, Cineworld £6.50 Snack boxes £3.85 showcase, £2.75 Cineworld

Bookings close 23rd May

Inside out 2 image

Exciting news we have secured the cinemas again this year for our showing of Inside out 2 

The prices quoted above will include a badge per participant, these will be handed to you at the event. Units will need to keep their own ratios during the event and bring their own permission forms, risk assesments, first aid kit etc. Screening times will depend on numbers, if they end up being similar to last year, there will be 2 showings at the Showcase at 930 and 1000, and one showing at Cineworld at 10.

FAQ's below will be updated as questions come through in the run up to the event. 

Leaders FAQ's

At both cineworld locations you have access to the cinema from 930, and the film will start at 10am.
At the showcase we have 2 showings at 930 and 1000. You will be emailed which showing and screen to go to. You will be contacted once we have final numbers to tell you which showing you are in.

1 hour 35 minutes

On the day please bring my email saying which screen you are in, and the confirmation from the website of how many tickets your purchased. On your phone will be fine, it'll just help navigate people to the right screen.

You need to bring along with you, your own one day activity forms plus first aid kit and risk assessment. You'll need to complete your own risk assessment but we will provide a template.

Yes please, it would be great to see so many members in uniform all together.

Please email [email protected] asap, so she can make sure this is accomodated. Snack boxes are gluten free and dairy free at showcase (skittles are the sweets) and at cineworld sweets can be swapped to raisens to accomodate this.

There will be people at each Cinema with the badges packaged for each unit, please look out for your envelope.

In your envelope with the badges will be a number of stickers for snack boxes. Please give these to the girls to collect their snack boxes. These will not be handed out without a sticker on them.